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Our workforce produces the highest quality, most secure outsourced medical transcription in the industry. By focusing on quality in all aspects of our transcription solutions, we avoid errors and re-works — saving you time and money.

 Our Advantage:

 Local Expertise With a team of over 360, OzeScribe is expert in delivering error-free clinical documents.  Across client segments, our team has gained multiple references and been recognised for their expertise in the clinical documentation domain. As a company, we remain fully committed to continuously strengthening our capabilities and aligning ourselves with customer needs in order to deliver best-in-class results to our client base.

 Industry Leading Methodology Since our inception, OzeScribe consistently established itself as an industry leader. Our solutions are individually designed to meet the specific needs of each customer and provide maximum value to the healthcare organisations we serve. As the healthcare industry continues to grow and evolve, we remain committed to the continued success of our customers. We help them reduce process friction, while providing them with peace of mind.

 Customer-Focused Approach At our core, we're about client service. Delivering what clients want is the major KRA for all stakeholders in the organisation. Our never-ending commitment to an extraordinary level of service drives the ultimate value we provide to our clients. Our dedicated client relations executives proactively engage with customers to understand their evolving needs and ensure we are actively responding to meet them. In addition, we maintain a formal process where we check in with our clients to gain insights on how we can improve our performance. As a result, many of the best ideas for process improvement have come directly from our clients.

 Global Presence With our global headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia USA, iMedX has over 3500 employees across 18 locations worldwide. Our global presence allows us to improve service delivery and support clients with 24/7/365 service and technical team access. We're always effectively staffed to ensure production coverage in peak volume periods and our technology is designed to maximise the speed of our transcription team. We can even establish and customise turnaround time standards to meet specific needs.

 Data Centricity and Six Sigma Driven Process We are a client-driven company focused on improving the service we provide. Our Six Sigma Approach allows us to analyse every aspect of health information management and incorporate transcriptionists at all key process points in the process to ensure dependable turnaround time, optimal line accuracy, and premium quality. By understanding medical context and continually catching errors through this approach, our staff is able to provide unparalleled service and improve the overall customer experience.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We are really impressed with the current speed of service; I am regularly seeing under 24 hour turn around from dictation to ready for release and I think that's sensational! More than one of the VMSA clients I have set up with you has remarked 'this has changed my life'"
Practice Manager - Virtual Medical Specialists Australia
“Since we have migrated to iMedX I have an extremely content unit when it comes to communication/letters from both the medical and nursing staff. As Head of Department we want processes which are hassle free, and keep all our staff happy - iMedX has definitely fulfilled this! - definitely one of the best decisions I made when I redesigned the unit”
Director of Cancer Services Eastern Health, Melbourne
"St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney has utilised iMedX for medical transcription since February 2012. iMedX’s simple web based user interface allows St Vincent’s Hospital clinical staff the ability to efficiently manage their transcription workload while also providing the hospital with industry standard electronic formatted letters integrated with our internal systems to seamlessly deliver letters to GP vendor software systems. Turn-around-time has fallen from up to 6 weeks in the old system to just 24 hours enabling timely and efficient letter distribution to recipients. Clinicians enjoy the flexibility that iMedX provide when dictating letters whether it be via telephone, Emdat applications on Apple and Android devices as well as many digital recorders supported by the system."
Internal Change & Adoption Manager – St Vincents Hospital Sydney
"From an Alfred Health point of view, the service you have provided us has been very good. This includes the re-recorded backlog work you took on in November and the dictation go live that went smoothly on 26th March. The quality of the letters transcribed by iMedX has been of a high standard and comparable to our in-house typing. We are pleased with our decision to outsource all transcription to iMedX. We are looking forward to an ongoing relationship with iMedX and partnering to achieve further developments, including the electronic distribution of letters and interfacing with Cerner."
Ross Buchanan - Director Health Information Services (HIS)
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What our employees are saying

“I love working for iMedX! Since the day I got hired, the HR personnel, the trainers, my manager and coworkers, have all been so kind, professional, supportive and encouraging in helping me reach my potential! I am so grateful to be a part of this company. :)”


– Melanie Ciarrocchi
“I have only been with this company a couple months and truly enjoy it. I LOVE the fact that they celebrate MT Week with fun contests and videos and recipes.”


– Rebecca McGrew
“I've been with iMedX for 1 year now and it's the best company I've ever worked for, absolutely LOVE it. I've worked for 3 other companies and wish I would've found iMedX a LONG time ago! I do my best and I LOVE being appreciated for it! :-)”


– Janice Martinez
“A career with iMedX has seen me expand my skills and given me the freedom to enjoy my family at the same time.”


“I LOVE working for this company and doing transcription from home! Far exceeded my expectations of a "big company" when I transitioned from being an independent contractor.”


– Linda Baumann
“I have been with iMedX for 2 years and love working for a company that appreciates their employees. We have great communication and teamwork. I enjoy being able to come to work every day knowing through providing quality documentation I am helping to provide excellent patient care! I am thankful to be a part of the best of the best :)”


– Ginger Freelen
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At iMedX we believe in Service Excellence. Our team supports clients with 24/7/365 service and technical team access. Please contact us by phone or email with any concerns.

1300-727-423 ·   support@ozescribe.com.au

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