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Fast turnaround times

OzeScribe provides accurate and cost-effective medical transcription services, and returns document by the next business day.

Guaranteed Accuracy

At OzeScribe we focus on accuracy above anything else. We understand that when Physicians have to waste time editing, money and time is wasted. The OzeScribe verifiable accuracy rate is unmatched in the industry. We conduct a formal post-delivery quality assurance program that provides impressive and industry standard exceeding verifiable accuracy rates.

If you're tired of having poor TAT or transcription blanks in your work, switch to OzeScribe now and experience near faultless, on-time transcription.

Private and secure

Clearly there is a need to ensure absolute privacy and secure confidentiality when dealing with patient notes and medical files. In order to guarantee this, we only work with appropriately trained and experienced medical transcriptionists. We ensure that transcription carried out by OzeScribe is compliant with the Australian National Privacy legislation NPP.9

FREE electronic document delivery via OzePost

Exclusively available from OzeScribe, OzePost is a complementary free service that allows a copy of your important correspondence to be sent to your GP, patient, allied health – anyone who is a CC on your letter or note.

OzePost determines the format needed by the recipient, be it PDF, HL7, Word, RTF, TXT, TIFF or other formats necessary, so that the copy of your letter is also seamlessly delivered right into the software used by the referrer. Excellent for hospitals, we interface with Cerner, Informedix and all the major software used by hospitals for seamless service of electronic, paperless management.



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I have been so happy!

Jakub Dreher, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Canberra

"Since my student days and more recently after late night deliveries, I have found myself in front of late night television. I have often wondered what made respectable people want to stand up in public and speak at length about the merit of a given product which often came with a set of free steak knives, now I get it.I have been so happy with the service provided by Ozescribe, I keep wanting to tell other people about it.

A little over a year ago a friend recommended Ozescribe. Initially I was a little sceptical, however, things have gone well from the very first contact. I initially rang Ozescribe well after hours expecting to get the usual recorded message, was surprised to find a pleasant and helpful individual answer the phone.

After less than 10 minutes of non-patronising clear setup instructions I was up and running. My first pleasant surprise was how promptly my dictations returned, usually within 24 hours. Initially I scanned each letter carefully for the multiple errors I had been conditioned to expect from previous experienced typists, however, on this front I soon relaxed substantially. Most letters now receive only a cursory glance as it is very uncommon to find any mistakes despite my mumbling dictation style. The convenience of having my checked letters automatically incorporated in my electronic patient record with absolute reliability rounds off the excellent Ozescribe service. Thus Ozescribe is an invaluable asset to my practice and I would certainly recommend them to anyone.

The service is so good in fact that they do not need to offer a free set of steak knives."

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